Beginning Again at the Beginning

Karl Barth’s theological dictum that we must always “begin against at the beginning” is true not only of his work, and not only of the task of theology, but of life as well. Of course, there are certain moments where this is brought home to us in vivid ways. Today is one of those times.

Classes begin today for Princeton Theological Seminary’s 196th academic year. Convocation was held last night (not that I attended: instead, I was curled up with the wife watching Jerry Seinfeld tell me for the last time).

This means that today marks the true beginning of my doctoral program. The last couple of weeks, and the last few days in particular, have been spent connecting (and re-connecting) with faculty, colleagues, and administration. PTS has a great faculty and staff, and my colleagues are excellent (I can only hope that they would say the same of me). But, now it is time to begin in earnest.

I’m excited. I’m daunted. I’m ready. Bring it on.


D.W. Congdon said…
Best wishes for this new school year. It should be exciting.
WTM said…
You too. In many ways, your upcoming year is far more decisive than mine.
Joshua said…
congrats on the beginning of the program. here is hoping you draw treasures both old and new out pts.

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