Happy 2nd Birthday, DET!

That is right! DET is now entering into its third year. This blog was born with something of an introduction and manifesto, and last year I elaborated on my vision for DET. These documents still accurately represent what DET is about, so I am content to simply refer to them here.

Thinking back over the last year, I must admit that my enthusiasm for blogging has flagged a bit. This is primarily due to the increased academic demands that a PhD program brings. Quite simply put, I simply have had less time to devote to blogging, and I think that has shown. However, I did spend considerable time and energy on the second annual Karl Barth blog conference, which turned out very well. Watch for the third installment next year. It is increasingly true that what goes on here at DET throughout the year is undertaken in service of this annual event, and this event is reason enough to keep soldiering on in the theo-blogosphere.

In any event, I hope that you will all stay tuned for another year of DET and, while you are at it, tell some of your friends to drop on by. ;-)


Luke said…
Good job. Congratulations!!

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