DET is Three Years Old!

Ok, perhaps the exclamation point is a bit over the top. It is a decided possibility that I am the only person in any way pleased by this blog’s existence. But, I’m happy, so I’m leaving the exclamation point.

In any case, if you want to hear more about what DET is here for, there are two posts that you should check out: my first post ever, and the manifesto published on DET’s first birthday.

The 3rd Annual Barth Blog Conference is coming soon!


Bobby Grow said…
I don't think I ever read your first post, that was insightful . . . and I would say your blog has been on point --- given your directives --- since the beginning!

Keep up the good work, Travis; don't ever get over "being boring," it is quite an edifying gift ;-) . . . at least for some of us out here!

Thanks to you (and Halden), I've become a Torrancian; and proud of it!
Bobby Grow said…
Just to clarify, Travis,

I don't think you're "boring," I was just picking up on your sentiment in your first post: ". . . It is my hope that some of you might be bored or interested . . . ," just count me as "bored" and "interested" ;-).
No worries, Bobby. I failed to respond not due to taking offense, but because yesterday was really busy. ;-)
Bobby Grow said…
Phew ;-) . . .

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