New Look at DET

Those of you who interact with me here at DET solely through a RSS reader will not have noticed, but DET has undergone a much overdue face-lift. I hope you all like it and find it more functional than the previous look.

H/T to Chris for pointing me in the right direction on this stuff.


Comments seem to work fine. :-)
WTM said…
Yeah - I went back after I e-mailed you and played with stuff for a bit. Actually, I was stupid and had to redo all my widgets! But, in the end, the comments work. :-)

Looks good man! It feels more distinguished, which is certainly an apt reflection of it's creator.
WTM said…

I don't know about that, but I certainly do try to come off as distinguished at DET. I guess its working! :-)

That weird red-winged-bicycle-wheel thing should go though :)
WTM said…
Not gonna happen. ;-)
Bobby Grow said…
Like the new look, Travis!

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