PTS Barth Conference, Now Underway

The post title pretty much says it all.

Those who did NOT have obligations at home - say, helping put their 2 boys to bed - were treated to some opening statements this evening by Bruce McCormack and Thomas Joseph White. Another PTS blogger has provided some coverage of this at his blog.

For my own part, I caught up with some good folks at one of the after parties. The best part of these conferences is the high quality of informal theological conversation, and I started it off right this year with a confab with some quality folks.

I'm looking forward to some good papers and some more good conversation tomorrow.



hangulmalmotayo said…

How might one get advance notice of these 'after parties'?

Since I'm a PTS guy, I just have to call or text a couple people. The best advice I can give is simply to talk to people and figure out what their plans are.

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