Karl Barth, an annihilationist? A recent Twitter "conference"

It all started yesterday as I was reading through a bit of CD 1.2. My eyes lit upon a line and sparked something in my theological imagination. So, I did the totally reasonable thing and took it to twitter:

Our dedicated Senior Contributing Author, Scott Jackson, took note almost immediately:

And then things really got going. Enjoy this recap!

PostBarthian summed things up appropriately:



Graham Abbott said…
I'm currently writing a dissertation on KB and his doctrine of election and it surprises me this is one of the only search engine returns that comes back with anything decent. Put very briefly I think Barth being an annihilationist could be a fitting via media between orthodoxy and universalism; he can still have Christ dying for all, but at the same time not give everyone eternal life, as that is what comes with faith when man's election is actualised. I might write a little more on this in a few weeks when I'm a little less busy.
Nice to "meet" you Graham. I'm glad that little ol' DET can prove useful to you in this regard. I'll be interested to see what you make of it all once you're given a chance to think through it some more. All the best on your dissertation!

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