The McKrakenCast (Podcast)

I'm sure that by now, DET readers are aware that I have a YouTube channel where I post theological (and other) videos for your enjoyment and edification.

Some folks have suggested to me that using a podcast format would be easier, since it would provide more flexibility for listening on the go, etc. Therefore, I finally heeded the call, read a few web articles on how to do it, and set up a podcast feed with SoundCloud.

The name of this podcast is The McKrakenCast. For anyone who might be wondering, "The McKraken" is a nickname given to me by some students, so the podcast is at least in part an homage to them. Below are a couple of pictures of gifts that they have purchased for me over the years that traded on this nickname. You'll see that the spelling is not exactly standardized, but I have my preferred spelling in the podcast name.

Anyway, at present, The McKrakenCast will primarily provide a secondary means of access for my YouTube videos. But I may expand it in the relatively near future with content specifically designed for the ear rather than the eye (arguably, that covers any real-time content that I produce...). I've embedded below the tracks that I have available so far.



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