Karl Barth Society Newsletter: Spring 2007 (#34)

I was presented with a present surprise when checking my mail yesterday (coincidently, it was Karl Barth's birthday yesterday), namely, I had received my copy of the current Karl Barth society newsletter. Although I do maintain membership in the Karl Barth Society of North America, I often forget about this benefit of membership. The newsletter is always a wealth of information on the current state of Barth scholarship, and is a resource that anyone interested in Barth would appreciate. That said, I heartily recommend membership in the society. With annual dues of only $15 USD ($10 USD for students), it is a great value.

Below I offer a table of contents for the current newsletter, in hopes that its exemplary content will encourage those who might find it here to apply for membership in the society. The dues of the society membership help to facilitated the society meetings in conjunction with the AAR, as well as contribute to the funding of the Barth Conferences held here at PTS.

  • Philip G. Ziegler, “Taken Out of Context: Freedom and Concreteness in the Theology of Wolf Krötke” – Summary of paper presented at the November 2006 Barth Society Meeting in conjunction with the AAR. This, and the summaries that follow, are substantial and take up a number of pages in single space, 10 pt. type.

  • Wolf Krötke, “A New Impetus to the Theology of Religion from Karl Barth’s Thought” – Summary as above.

  • Walter Lowe, “Why We Need Apocalyptic” – Summary as above.

  • George Hunsinger, “David Bentley Hart: An Attempt to Understand Him” – Summary as above.

  • Archie Spencer, “Causality and the Analogia Entis: Barth’s Rejection and the Analogy of Being Reconsidered” – Summary as above.

  • David Bentley Hart’s Response – Summary as above.

  • Michael T. Dempsey, “Review of John Webster, Barth’s Earlier Theology: Four Studies

  • List of recent publications in Barth studies.

  • Ben Myers, “Interview with Meehyun Chung, recipient of the Karl Barth Prize”


are the newsletters online at the Barth Center website? I can't seem to find them anymore.
WTM said…
Newsletters 1-31 are currently available here as part of the PTS Library online resources.

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