2009 Barth Blog Conference: Update

I've been very busy with non-blog stuff lately, but that doesn't mean that the 2009 Barth Blog Conference is not making progress. Here is the schedule as it now stands:
  • Day 1: Introduction (yours truly)

  • Day 2: Calvin and Barth on the Exegesis of Romans 1.18-20 (yours truly; response by Jason Ingalls)

  • Day 3: Exegeting Romans 1: A Critical Appraisal (title tentative: Shane Wilkins)

  • Day 4: Barth’s Exegesis of Romans 1 in his 2nd Edition of Romans (title tentative: David Congdon; response by Halden Doerge)

  • Day 5: Resurrection in Barth’s Rejection of Natural Theology: Romans 1.4 in Barth’s 2nd Edition of Romans (title tentative: Nathan Hitchcock, University of Edinburgh; Response by John Drury)

  • Day 6: Barth’s Exegesis in the Shorter Commentary on Romans (title tentative: Shannon Smythe, Princeton Theological Seminary)
I'm planning on holding the conference in late August. But, there are still a couple slots open for responses. If you are interested in supplying a response, please contact me ASAP, whether by e-mail or by a comment on this post. Remember that responses are very minimal commitments - all I ask is 500-750 words - so don't hesitate to sign up.

I'm looking forward to another great Barth Blog conference!


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