Rejoice! WTS Launches

No, not that WTS…

While there have been numerous clues posted here, I don’t know if I’ve ever come out and said it: I am from Michigan. Furthermore, I’m not from the hip, West side of the state, with its sand dunes, Grand Rapids, Calvin College, etc. I’m from the East side, with its flat-like-Ohio terrain (I once heard that the county I grew up in was the only Michigan county without an inland lake of some size) and the rotting corpse of a formerly great city, Detroit. I grew up about 45 minutes drive north of Detroit, and so the fact that my blog is abbreviated as DET has an extra layer of meaning for me. Longtime readers know that I have even done a little amateur sports-writing about a certain Detroit team.

Imagine my surprise when I learned a couple weeks ago that there is a new theological initiative developing in Detroit. In a city that is basically devoid of theological infrastructure, this group of theologically-minded denizens aspire to fill the gap, and is working hard toward that goal. And so, it is my pleasure to introduce you all (perhaps not for the first time) to the Woodward Theological Society, which was officially launched today.

The WTS steering committee is made up of scholars from Calvin College, Grand Rapids Theological Seminary, and Ashland Theological Seminary, along with an Episcopal priest and a Roman Catholic High School librarian. Chief among these in my mind is Todd Cioffi, who did his PhD here at PTS, and with whom I am acquainted.

I encourage all of my readers to surf over to the WTS website and check it out. Then, if you feel so inclined, fill out the contact form and see how you might be able to get involved with the society personally in order to aid its efforts to raise the quality of Detroit’s theological infrastructure. Also, check out their Facebook page.

(The first picture is of an historic section of Woodward Ave. in Detroit; the second picture is of the elusive, seldom photographed DET author in some of his Detroit paraphernalia.)


Well, I just heard about this, and doing an internet search brought me to this post of yours. I find the prospects of such a Society thrilling. I live in Flint(ish), and often worship in Troy.

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