A Brief Introduction

Hello! I am Scott Rice. As I mentioned in my blurb on the contributing authors page, I'm a husband and a student currently in my last semester of the MDiv program at Princeton Seminary. I hope to pursue further theological studies with aspirations to teach down the road. My main interests pertain to the disciplines of systematic theology and the history of christian doctrine. Below are some of my research foci and what you can expect from my contributions here at DET.

At the beginning of my seminary studies a mentor gave me one simple piece of advice: use this period to read broadly. As time has progressed that same advice was supplemented by the admonition to dig deep into one or two thinkers/doctrines. I am hopeful in making the former a lifelong practice. The latter has meant a more particular investment in the doctrines of God and christologies of Hans Urs von Balthasar and Karl Barth. These two theologians have, thus far, most peaked my interest into issues such as (1) the relationship between the divine eternal relations (begetting, proceeding, etc.) and the historic missions (esp. von Balthasar via Thomas), (2) the use and limits of kenosis, both in christology and the doctrine of God, and (3) theories of atonement (e.g., is there a dominant scriptural metaphor?).

From my posts you can generally expect contributions falling into one of three categories. First, journalistic updates on the theology-related events I attend (conference notes, public lectures, etc.). Second, general thoughts and questions from noteworthy topics that I encounter in my own readings. And third, a contribution I would like to be consistent with, words on how theology functions in preparing the church for its missional task.

I am also firmly convinced that there is a metaphysical link between good theology and the art of fly-fishing. Give Norman MacLean’s classic, A River Runs Through It a read if you do not believe me.

Your readership is deeply appreciated, and your comments even more so. Thanks in advance for reading!



Thanks for writing, Scott! I'm looking forward to the journalistic updates and the HuVB piece. Sounds interesting!
Mike said…
Hi Scott! Congratulations and blessings as you finish up your PTS MDiv. I think I got that same advice when I started PTS, though I can't recall who gave it to me. I do wish I had followed it better, so I'm glad to hear you've done so and benefitted. Looking forward to your pieces, especially on the images/metaphors for atonement.

Mike Poteet (MDiv '97)
Scott Rice said…
Travis and Mike, thanks for the comments and encouragement.

I found that advice freeing, particularly concerning the temptation to simply jump into the current conversations and debates (exciting ones at that!). While there is a time to begin engaging those conversations, there is also much to be said about having a proper basis to begin respectable dialogue. It is, and I am sure it will continue to be, a work in progress for me.

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