Pictures on a Tuesday

We are in the thick of this summer’s dog days here in St. Charles, MO. The heat just keeps on coming, and the rain keeps on staying away. I busy myself inside my office with a number of projects, working frantically to clear my desk of the major work prior to the start of Fall classes. And somewhere in there I need to prepare material for some of those classes… Oh well. I thought that I might tide you over, gentle reader, with some pictures. You may recall my previous post in this vein, which showcased my then office. I am happy to say that I am now installed in a better appointed office next door to that one, and I’m sure a picture post for that will be forthcoming. This is not it, however. Instead, allow me to show you around my corner of Lindenwood University’s campus. These pictures are from back in February, I believe, hence the trace (only a trace, mind you…) of snow.

I begin with a picture of Roemer Hall, which does double duty as the location of the primary administrative offices (executive suite, registrar, payroll, etc.) and as the primary classroom location for humanities courses.

If you do an about-face from where that picture of Roemer was taken, you get this one. The road follows the border of the old campus’s quad and you can just barely make out down at the end where one of the two main campus dining halls is located.

Walk across the street and out into the quad a bit, and you get the above view of Roemer.

Turn at an angle to your right and you can see the library. Our library building is a bit cramped on shelf space, but it has a very nice reading area (old leather furniture that you have to be careful with – you can sink down into the sofas and I’ve heard stories of some undergrads emerging months later telling fantastic tales of strange lands). Not too bad on the eyes, to boot – I’ve seen many uglier libraries, to be sure!

Turn back around and face where the first two pictures were taken, and you will see Butler Hall, seat of the Lindenwood humanities. As you can see, some festive decorations are still in place. Maybe these pictures were taken in January…

They have been re-mortaring Butler for the past year or so, and they are finally close to being down. It should significantly lower the dust level around here. And the brick work would look much cleaner if I were to take this picture again.

Finally, the Butler stairs as seen from the first floor landing.

So, there you have it. I can't even begin to tell you have lovely that winter sky in these pictures looks to me right now...

Anyway, if you want to attend a private liberal arts college in the greater St. Louis region, you could do much worse than Lindenwood University - for instance, you could go somewhere that you couldn’t study religion with me! And why would anyone ever want to do that?!?! Also, did I mention that we're relatively affordable? Tell your friends!



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