Pictures on a Tuesday

Not much to post about at present, but I figured I'd throw up something of a more personal interest - namely, a few photos of the DET HQ, as it were. In other words, here are some pictures of my close...I mean, office. In all seriousness, it isn't as bad as these pictures might make it look, but we humanities profs certainly don't get the prime real-estate. The best news is that I should be moving next door to slightly plusher digs later in the summer...

Anyway, here is the view from the hallway. I actually put up a nice PTS Barth postcard above my nameplate since I took this shot...

Thrilling, eh? Nice, old-school radial heater there, and a window A/C unit that is pretty old but can still do its job. And I definitely put it through its paces here in MO...

Anyway, here is the cockpit, with some books behind - part of M through Z, for those who keep track of such things.

My favorite bit of that photo are the post-it notes on the wall next to my desk. High-class organization we've got going on here...

Finally, here is something like the view from the desk (actually more up and behind the desk), taking in the rest of the books along with the hallway and the very conveniently located bathroom right across the hall.

Well, there you have it. That's where all the magic happens. I figured some good demythologizing was in order. ;-)

Now back to trying to get done everything I've been putting off all the past academic year...



Anonymous said…
Where's the Red Wings gnome?
He's hiding on the shelf that's tucked behind the door. I also didn't have a picture of the ugly metal shelf that nonetheless supports my framed etchings of Calvin, Luther, and Knox.

I'll have to put up another series once I switch offices.

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