Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

…or, Something to keep you busy over the weekend…

…or, The Past Fortnight in the Theoblogosphere.

Just under a Fortnight this time, I believe, so getting back to something like normal. I have found, however, that my recent practice of just providing post titles and links has made the process of putting these list together much easier. So my plan is to make that the status quo for the future. Of course, I will provide brief notes when necessary to highlight the unique significance of a particular link.

Collin Cornell and Kaleidobible

Now, to begin, I want to highlight the work being done by a (relatively) new blogger named Collin Cornell at hid blog, Kaleidobible. Collin has been featured in a number of these link posts before. He has kept up a fairly steady offering of rather thoughtful post, most of which have to do with the intersection of biblical studies (especially, Old Testament studies) and something like Barthian theology. This blog deserves more traffic, and you will definitely learn something from reading him. So add him to your feed reader, or whatever you kids use these days to get around the net. Why, back in my day… *caughs* Ahem. Yes, well. Here are some of his more recent posts that especially caught my eye.

And now for a few other posts from various places around the theo-blogosphere.

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Evan said…
We had the pleasure of meeting Collin and hosting him at our apartment for AAR/SBL in November - I didn't realize he had a blog! Looking forward to following it.

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