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Summer is almost over.


Professional structures return to my life on Monday, as new students hit our campus for orientation and faculty return for a series of meetings designed to build community and communicate information about institutional developments. Then there’s that whole thing about getting syllabi done, lectures dusted off, etc. What does this mean for you, gentle readers? It means no more DET until September. That’s right, we’re going on hiatus. You’ll survive, I promise.

But, before going dark for a couple weeks, I want to be sure to give you plenty of good links to keep you occupied. First, a couple special service announcements:

The first one is shameless: my book is now in print, which means that you can go order a copy. For anyone who has forgotten, the book is on Karl Barth and infant baptism. If you followed any of those links, you’ll also find that the first chapter and a few other bits are available as samples on the website. You should really order a copy if you haven’t yet. And if you have ordered one, why not get a backup? Or one to share with your theologically interested friend? Or one for each of your children (if you have any)? Really, there’s no reason why everyone in world shouldn’t have a copy…

Second, and I’ve mentioned this before, you should consider throwing in a few dollars to support this very interesting research project: A Fantastic Affair”: Karl Barth in America, 1962. If you like Barth at all, you definitely want this project done sooner rather than later, and done right. This is your chance to help make that happen. I’m excited to say that it looks as though the project has met its base-line funding goal, which is great! But there are 23 days left, so why not go for more and get this book in print even sooner?!?!

Now, on to what’s been going on at DET since the last link post:

And now for the wider riches of the theo-blogosphere:



Matt Wilcoxen said…
Thanks so much for the links!

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