Highlights from the DET Archives

Summer is a good time to click around on websites, and I hope that some of you, gentle readers, have been clicking around here at DET. However, if you have not yet had occasion to do that, I thought that I would present you with such an occasion today. But I would be remiss if, before I pull out some of the more interesting posts (to me) from deep in the DET archives, I failed to point out some archival collections nearer to hand. For instance, the tabs at the top of the site contain many interesting materials, especially the Serials index page and the Karl Barth Blog Conference index page. Just to give you an idea of what’s in there: the former contains multi-part examinations of figures like (in no particular order) Pannenberg, Tillich, Turretin, Calvin, Gollwitzer and Congar; the latter, of course, contains four years of blog conference posts and discussions.

Beyond that, there is the sadly neglected Classic Posts page, with some of my favorite more random DET posts from through the years. Want to know what Calvin thought about doing theology in the pub? It’s in there. Have you always wondered just what “perichoresis” means? That’s in there too. You get the idea.

Finally, I did a “flashback” post once before that highlighted some other interesting posts. Some of these overlap with the Classic Posts page, but there are some unique entries as well. Everyone knows that Barth liked Mozart, but was there something of Beethoven in him as well? Yep, got that covered. Ever wonder how Barth thought older people should relate to younger? Right this way.

Anyway, here are some other interesting (to me, and hopefully to you) posts that have not been collected anywhere else. So happy reading!



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