Theologian Pick-up Lines Twitter Bonanza!

As devoted readers of DET are well aware, the internet can be an interesting place. There are sites, like DET for instance, where you can learn about and discuss all kinds of fascinating things. And then there's Twitter, where people who know way too much about very specific things sometimes gather to amuse one another. Your faithful theological journalists here at DET chronicled one such outbreak in the past, and now we're here to bring you another. May the Lord have mercy upon our souls...

By way of context, earlier today there was a hashtag going around for #CalvinistPickupLines and...well...let's just say that things got a little out of hand. I give you some of my favorite tweets as they emerged. Of course, I'll take credit for starting it - at least among my tweeps - with the following:

Unfortunately, yours truly was called away on serious professorial / theological business and, in the absence of my mature and stately influence, things really started to break loose...

Now, lest that one leave you scratching your heads, very well theologically educated gentle readers, this followed in due course:

Anyway, back to the bedlam...

Of course, when I finally returned to the interwebs later, I had to cap things off with an imagining of what Thomas might use as a pick-up line:

And there you have it. I trust that this has been...ahem...educational. Coincidentally, you would do well to follow all these folks on Twitter if you don't already.

Now back to our regularly scheduled DET programming!


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