Machismo Church: The History and Future of Masculine Christianity - PTR Call for Papers

The folks currently running the Princeton Theological Review have asked me to spread the word about their current call for papers. Apparently submissions are lagging despite the rather sensational topic. Although the deadline was originally March 3rd, it has been extended until the 30th. So if you have something interesting to say on this already very interesting topic, consider writing it up and sending it to the PTR. Consult their submissions page for all the nuts and bolts. Here is the poster for the call, and the detailed prompt is included below. Truth in advertising, I was on the PTR's executive staff back in the day (book review editor), and I can't say enough good things about it - where else will you find a theological journal by and for MDiv students of such high quality? Even if you aren't able to submit material, at least surf over and check out the past issues archive.

The call:
Spring 2012 Call for Papers: Machismo Church: The History and Future of Masculine Christianity

The PTR would like to invite you to submit an article, exegesis paper, reflection, or book review for publication in the spring 2012 issue on the topic of Machismo Church. Consider the following: The gendered Trinity, patrimony and patriarchy, missiology and consquest, sexuality and the mystical tradition, the male-ness of Jesus, identity politics and ecclesiology, complementarianism and egalitarianims, the attributes of God, and and gender and theo-politics. To address questions like these, we want you — the seminary student aspiring toward pastoral and theological ministry, the PhD candidate in religion, theology, or society, the up and coming professor or the well-established theological educator. Articles, reflections, and book reviews must be submitted no later than March 30, 2012.



N Hitchcock said…
Does anyone know what happened to PTR? Did the editors fall into a sinkhole last year?
I'm not sure what the status is currently. I know that funding was cut, so they had to get creative. Last I heard there were still some editors trying to make it work but I haven't heard much lately.
crob said…
Pretty sure it's dead. Talk to Maddox.

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