Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

…or, Something to keep you busy over the weekend…

…or, The Past Fortnight in the Theoblogosphere.

Well, not even a fortnight this time. Only ten days have passed since the last of these link roundup posts, and I’m still working off my backlog. So without further ado…

  • To begin, we celebrated Karl Barth’s birthday here at DET (for the first time, I believe, although don’t hold me to that!) the other day with, among other things, a picture of a very special cake.
  • Remember a month or so ago? That Holy Week think? Well, on Holy Thursday il papa gave a speech chastising a group of priests who have been agitating for opening the priesthood to women and removing the requirement of clerical celibacy. Against such dangerous free-thinkers, Benedict recommended the “radicalism of obedience.” Here is an article about it. In a delicious line, the article’s author notes that this phrase “perfectly captures the essence of the theologian pope’s thought.”
  • Kim Fabricius showed up the next day with a Good Friday sermon over at Faith&Theology that deals with the Amish and how they tend to respond when violence is perpetrated against them.
  • Millinerd is all about what he describes as a post-secular turn to the religious. Somehow it only makes me think of this and its aftermath. Personally, I could go for some true, hard-core, self-conscious, and principled secularism. It would probably do current Western culture some good, rather than undertaking yet another rendition of the Feuerbachian two-step. Haven’t we already played that tune?
  • Speaking of the death of God (See what I did there? Pretty cool, eh?), Darren Sumner from over at Out of Bounds offered a Good Friday reflection on what the cross means for impassibility.
  • There are interesting things afoot over at Per Caritatem, where proprietor Cynthia Nielsen has added a blogging colleague, Dr. Kristina Zolatova.
  • Longtime friend of the blog, Jason Ingalls, returns with the fourth installment of his multi-part series on the Anglican baptismal covenant.
  • And last (for today) but not least, the folks over at For Christ and His Kingdom, a blog run by some folks out of Wheaton College’s graduate school, check out this post on Phil Ziegler’s reflections on Dietrich Bonhoeffer as a theologian of the Word of God.

There you have it. My link buffer is diminished, but by no means empty. So expect another link round-up in the near future. What is more, the academic year is in its death throes, so an uptick in DET productivity should be immanent.



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