Tuesday, August 14, 2012

/r/Catacombs Q&A w/ Travis McMaken & David Congdon

So apparently there's this thing called "Reddit", which is a big forum / discussion site. Anyway, one of the moderators for the /r/Catacombs Christian sub-directory / -community (a relatively heavily moderated one at that, I'm told) asked my old friend, colleague, theologically conjoined twin, and all things co-belligerent, David Congdon, to do this little Q&A type thing over there.

Anyway, we're doing it tomorrow so if you have some time on your hands, surf on over to /r/Catacombs and join the conversation. See you there!

UPDATE (08.15.2012, 10:17AM CST): This whole thing is currently getting underway, so surf over and say hi!


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