New Center for Barth Studies Book Review

Paul Nimmo reviews Matthew Rose's, Ethics with Barth: God, Metaphysics and Morals (Ashgate, 2010). This is a very substantial review, both in terms of size (over 4000 words) and depth of engagement, and is therefore a must-read for those who work in Barth or ethics. The review is currently set to be republished in the ZDTh later this year, but you can read it first by following this link!



blair said…
Thanks Travis. Appreciate the pointer because it relates to my current work.
Happy to oblige. :-)
Matthew Frost said…
Nice to have Nimmo's take on it! And he's right—I've been wrestling with this book for two years now, every time I pick it up, because of the ways that Rose presents a Barth that seems 'out of tune' with the Barth I know from the CD. It's a lens issue. But the parallax is useful.

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