My Most Recent Publication

Alright, maybe not the most recent. But a fairly recent one nonetheless.

The International Journal of Systematic Theology has published a review that I wrote for them of Keith Johnson’s book, Karl Barth and the Analogia Entis. I’ve written about this book at DET before, a number of times.

IJST has had this review in its pocket for a while now – so long, in fact, that the review stills lists my PTS affiliation rather than LU – so I’m very glad that it is finally out. You can access the review online if you have the right permissions. Otherwise, look for it in your local theological library.



Anonymous said…
Travis, was thinking about Keith Johnson's book on analogy and wondered if you've looked at Junius Johnson's work on von Balthasar and analogy - it's in the same series as your book
from John Hardie

I haven't looked at it (I don't think it comes out until Sept), but it definitely sounds interesting.

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