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*coughs nervously*

So…it’s actually been more like four weeks since the last link post. Oh well. We’ve been too busy providing you with top-shelf content to worry too much about slowing down for a link post. But I wanted to make sure that I fit one in before November 8th because I have a lot of interesting reading on the election to share with you. So buckle up—this is going to be a long one!

As usual, I’ll start with some major notices.

First, my theological partner in crime (David Congdon) and I had an article run on the front of the Christianity Today website a couple of days ago: "10 Reasons Why Theology Matters." We've been working on this piece for quite a while, and we actually finished it a number of years ago. It has languished since then. But a few weeks ago CT showed some interest in it so we edited it down (you couldn't possibly be surprised that something from DWC and I was once longer...) and here it is.

Second, the folks over at the theological division of Syndicate have just finished running a symposium on David Congdon’s Bultmann tome. This involves an introduction by Ken Oakes and critical commentaries by Phiz Ziegler, Paul Hinlicky, R. David Nelson, and Shannon Smyth. Oh yeah, and responses to those commentaries from Congdon. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this.

Third, and speaking of David, he put up a blog post collecting tweets about his most recent book, The God Who Saves.

Fourth, my scholarly friend Alexander Massmann has a new website and blog running entitled Genethics dealing with the ethics of human genome modification. Definitely keep your eye on it.

Fifth and finally, I posted two new videos on YouTube. The first is a Q&A session on John Calvin, and the second is the first part of a series that I’m doing with my Lindenwood University Religion department colleague Nichole Tobitzky on Barthian and Process theology. I’ve embedded them for you below.

Ok! Finally we reach the main event—the best custom-curated set of theology, religion, and politics links on the web! First, here’s what we’ve been up to at DET:

And here’s what I’ve found interesting elsewhere:


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