Book Giveaway Contest! “The Westminster Handbook to Karl Barth”

That’s right, folks! This is your chance to win a free copy of the newly published Westminster Handbook to Karl Barth (WJK, 2013) edited by Richard Burnett. This looks like a very handy volume for folks starting out in Barth studies, or who are interested in a more thematic presentation of Barth’s thought.

Westminster John Knox was kind enough to send DET a review copy of the book. Luckily for you, gentle readers, they did so about a week after I had received my pre-ordered copy. So now I’m giving you a chance to get a free book. Here’s how this is going to work…

To become eligible for the prize, you will need to send a short (500-750 word) “essay” (blog post, etc.) in response to the prompt:

Why and / or how (i.e., in what manner) should Karl Barth remain an important theological voice in 21st century theology?

This submission should be original work, not posted on a blog or otherwise made publically available. Send your entry to the DET e-mail address (derevth [at] gmail [dot] com) by February 1st. Be sure to include a clear subject line in your e-mail (e.g., “Westminster Handbook on Barth blog contest”). I—and any of the other DET contributors that I can enlist—will select a “best of” list comprised of 3-5 entries.(*) Each of those entries will be posted here at DET over the course of a week, and readers will be given the opportunity to vote on the prize-winning entry. The winner will receive the book!

Sounds like fun, eh? Spread the word far and wide on blogs, Facebook, and Twitter so that we can get a good group of entries to choose from. I’m excited to get an idea of how the younger generation of theological thinkers today view Barth and his creative possibilities in theology!

*Some restrictions apply: (1) DET contributors are ineligible, (2) authors of “established” blogs are ineligible, (3) full-time professors are ineligible, (4) [other things I may think of later].



Jim said…
well poo. your rules exclude me on two points. bummer. still, looks to be an interesting book.
True, but I don't want to scare away interesting aborning perspectives by the presence of old(er) hands such as yourself.

Of course, if you really want to be involved, you can always advertise for the contest. ;-)
Bobby Grow said…
What criteria are you using to define "established blogs?"
Good question, Bobby. How about:

(1) No bloggers who have ever received a book for review on their blog.

(2) No bloggers who have ever published a book on theology with a real theological press (i.e., not vanity publishers).
Bobby Grow said…

Who are "vanity publishers?" Examples ...
Like anything published through Amazon, or something like CreateSpace, or whatever.

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