Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

…or, Something to keep you busy over the weekend…

…or, The Past Fortnight in the Theoblogosphere.

It’s been so, so, so much longer than a fortnight since the last link post - way back in…August.


Lots has happened since then, obviously. Including Theology Beer Camp and ARR/SBL in Denver. And so on.

For instance, we’ve also seen the shuttering of Faith and Theology, long a premier online theological contributor. One hopes that Ben will change his mind, or at least throw up the odd post from time to time, but at present things don’t sound to hopeful in that regard. In any case, it certainly makes one think.

In more cheerful news, DET’s own Scott Jackson published a piece on Oscar Romero’s Political Theology over at The Christian Century, reviewing a recent book. That’s worthy of some celebration, in my humble opinion. Well done, Scott!

Princeton Theological Seminary has posted a lot of information regarding the role of slaves and slavery in its institutional history. I haven’t yet been able to read it all. I know a fair bit of it from working in the library’s Special Collections when a student there, but I’m very glad that they have completed and published this report. It is an important step.

Also, The Presbyterian Outlook published a review of my Helmut Gollwitzer book (Our God Loves Justice), written by Ken Kovacs. Many thanks, Ken!

Speaking of #OGLJ, the good folks over at Theology Corner (thanks especially to Stephen Waldron) were kind enough to host a series of posts on the book. They even gave me a chance to respond! So here are all those links collected helpfully in one place:

Anyway, this section of the post could go on and on given how long it has been since the last one, so I’ll just stop here and give you the list of DET posts that have appeared in the meantime:

And here is your list of interesting things to read from around the interwebs:


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