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[Ed. note: Scott Jackson, Senior Contributing Author, has recently published a series of reflections on the history and significance of DET in celebration of the blog's 9th birthday. Those interested in getting a feel for the work that goes on here are encouraged to consult them: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.]

Die Evangelischen Theologen (DET) is a collaborative blog aimed at promoting theological understanding through conversation. Its title is German for "the evangelical theologians," as is significant in a number of respects.

First, the title speaks of "theologians," plural, because this blog is a collaborative undertaking. It is not an outlet for a single voice only, but for a number of voices as they teach themselves the theological tradition, attempt to discern the times, and do what they can in speaking to the present theological and social situation. For more information on the blog's contributors, consult the About the Authors page in the top menu.

Second, the title speaks of "evangelical" theologians. All the blog's contributors are from broadly evangelical backgrounds in the North American sense of the word, but they are also - in the German sense of the word - committed to Protestant or, better, Reformational theology. Karl Barth says in his little book, Evangelical Theology: An Introduction, which comprise the lectures he delivered when he visited the United States in the early 1960s, that "the word 'evangelical' will objectively designate...that theology which treats of the God of the Gospel" (p5, Barth's emphasis). The theological perspective on offer here, then, is robustly rather than myopically evangelical.

Third, and speaking of Barth, the title is rendered in German to signal fruitful and appreciative engagement with modern German theology, and especially that of Karl Barth. While all the blog's contributors disagree with Barth in various ways, Barth has also played (and is playing) an important role in the continual formation of theological perspective. Thus, while it would be incorrect to say that Die Evangelischen Theologen represents a self-consciously "Barthian" blog (whatever that would mean), it is correct to say that this blog's contributors pursue a critically post-Barthian theological project.

What does Die Evangelischen Theologen offer the reader?

First, Die Evangelischen Theologen continues to host four years of the Karl Barth Blog Conference proceedings, and will in due course host another installment of that highly regarded and anticipated event.

Second, a growing collection of book reviews and serials (serialized blogging projects).

Third, a recommended reading page stocked with volumes that the blog's contributors have found particularly helpful.

Fourth, reports and discussions of various public events and theology lectures.

Fifth, and most importantly, Die Evangelischen Theologen offers readers the opportunity to be part of an ongoing theological conversation and voyage of discovery, whether by reading along or by actively getting involved in the conversation through commenting. All the contributors hope that you will choose the more active course and join them in thinking through what theology means for our church and society today.


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