Thinking Blogger Award Challenge: Update

When David Congdon graciously bestowed the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ upon me a few months ago, I was at a loss as to whom I should then honor with this recognition. I decided upon a novel course of action: I would issue a challenge to a few bloggers who have been doing good work, but who I thought needed a little prodding to get them to the next level. Those bloggers were Darren Sumner, Michael Pailthorpe, and Jon Mackenzie (you can view my original challenge here).

Now, it is time for an update. I am sad to say that, although all three of these bloggers seemed to be spurred on by the challenge at first, only Michael has maintained his momentum. Well done, Michael! Jon and Darren have not posted in some time, and Darren’s site seems to be down. So, Michael – Keep up the good work! Darren – Where are you? Let’s go! Jon – I know it is summer, but you must have something theologically interesting to post about!

Also, in the original challenge post, I gave the award to one person (Millinerd) and challenged these three. But, by being granted the award, I am given five copies to hand out. So, here is a fourth challenge:

Alex Abecina

Alex runs Is There Meaning in This Blog?. I ran into his blog through Michael Pailthorpe. At first, it was nothing special – very few posts, not especially interesting posts, etc. But, June and July have changed my mind about this blog. He ran a very informative series on Kevin Vanhoozer’s work On the Very Idea of a Theological System, and he is currently posting a series on Hans Boermsa’s book, Violence, Hospitality and the Cross. Alex, keep up the good work until September, and the Thinking Blogger Award will be yours!


Alex Abecina said…
nothing like a good challenge...thanks for this little plug...I'll do my best.

Next post will be something related to Barth!

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