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§1 Approaching Galatians (session 4, part 1)—Paul’s Letter to the Galatians: A Presbyterian Adult Spiritual Formation Series

[The series continues and now commences the fourth in-person session.  Find the last post here .]   McMaken : Welcome, faithful remnant of our study together. We are fewer today—thanks to all the ice, I'm sure. I’d like to begin with a quick recap.  We’ve talked about the date of the writing and the audience to whom Paul was writing. We also worked our way through some key sources that I'm using to fuel reflection. We talked about Luther: his two kinds of righteousness, his two kingdoms, his two uses of the law, and his ideas about justification by faith. We talked about Calvin: his work on his biblical commentaries and how he has similar but different focuses from Luther. Then, last time, we talked about J. Louis Martyn—who has done a lot of work on reading Paul through an apocalyptic lens—as well as some of the history of scholarship around research into Jesus and Paul. Today, we have one last book to talk about before we get into the text! e. Nancy Bedford and Galati

Two Recent Podcast Appearances

Dear Gentle Readers, I would usually save this sort of news for the next updates post, but an updates post was literally the last post and I wanted to share this with you sooner rather than later. I was privileged to appear on two podcasts recently. First, Quique Autrey was kind enough to have me on his Psyche podcast to talk about Karl Barth and politics . Along the way he induced me to tell a bit of my own story as well as Barth's story, and we even squeezed some Helmut Gollwitzer in there before we were done. Second, Corey Tuttle, Ash Cocksworth, and I got together to talk Karl Barth's Spiritual Writings on Corey's The Karl Barth Podcast . It's always a pleasure to chat about how Ash and I connected around this project, as well as the ostensible oddity of putting together a book on Barth's spirituality. My conviction that this is the way to introduce Barth to church folks and seminarians continues to grow. And to all my professorial colleagues out th

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… (2023.08.05 ed.)

…or, Something to keep you busy over the weekend… …or, The Past Fortnight in the Theoblogosphere. Ok, ok – so it’s been more like five months since the last updates post . I think I’ll finally go ahead and update the standard preamble on these post. They will become more strictly update posts with less of a focus on curated sets of links. In any case, I hear you, gentle readers, asking within your hearts: “But, what are the updates?!” Well, I’ll tell you! First , I appeared on an episode of the Bad Calvinists podcast to teach those bad Calvinist something about Calvin. It was time. Overdue, in fact. And we had a lot of fun talking about Calvin in general but also his theology of the Lord’s Supper / Eucharist / Communion and his pastoral side. I hope you check it out. Second , I published a review in Interpretation on Paul J. DeHart’s book, Unspeakable Cults: An Essay in Christology (Baylor, 2021) . It’s an interesting book. I hope you check it out along with my review.