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Americanity: or, Religious Studies with St. Hereticus (critical edition)

Robert McAfee Brown (ed.?), The Collected Writings of St. Hereticus (Philadelphia, PA: Westminster Press, 1964). We harken once again to the words of The Saint. They were written a little more than half a century ago now, but so much of it continues to ring true – with the appropriate updates born in mind (where is the “prophetic school” to carry on the work of St. Hereticus when you really need it…) – even today that I could not, gentle reader, bear the thought of keeping it from you. The Saint addresses a number of other leading world religions as well: for instance, Naturism, Lingoism, and Churchianity also attract his attention. But let us leave those worthy studies to the side for the present (although I encourage you to explore them yourself). I would call your attention to the religion that The Saint treats first, which I take to indicate precedence. You will find the following on p. 55–57 of the work cited above. As usual, bold is mine and italics are in the original.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… (April 27, 2019 ed)

…or, Something to keep you busy over the weekend… …or, The Past Fortnight in the Theoblogosphere. I should really just drop that “fortnight” line at this point. The last link post was back in February. In any case, it is time once again to emerge from hiding and offer an installment of the best curated religion, theology, politics, higher education, and current events link list on the web. Now is the time to catch up on anything you missed here at DET and elsewhere. The main thing that I’ve been working on, gentle readers, it trying to turn you into gentle listeners. That’s right, I’ve started a podcast - The McKrakenCast - as a complement to DET and my YouTube channel . I’ve been migrating YouTube content over in the podcast form, and I’ve just about caught up. There is a post linked below that collects some of that material for you (and that explains where the name came from), and I’ll throw up another post when that process is done. There will then be fresh content across

Kaitlyn Centini - 2019 Harmon Religion Award Winner

Those of you, gentle readers, who follow me on Twitter have - no doubt - already encountered Kaitlyn Centini ( @KatieCentini ), my advisee and student worker over the past ~2 years. Katie is getting ready to graduate from Lindenwood University (with a triple major in Art History, History, and Religion, as well as another three minors) and enter the History department at the University of Arizona for graduate studies. We recently presented her with this year's Harmon Religion Award, and I made the below video about it. There is also now a playlist of videos celebrating recipients of this award over the last few years . ================================== Follow @WTravisMcMaken Subscribe to Die Evangelischen Theologen