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Stringfellow Contra Natural Law Theory

Sang Hyun Cho, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons William Stringfellow – Episcopal lay theologian, activist, and gadfly – was, by profession, an attorney – credentialed by the Harvard Law School, no less, though (I suspect) no bust or image of him bedecks any walls within its 19 campus buildings. Though he was a member of the legal profession by trade, nonetheless, he categorically refused to consider this work to be his “career.” In fact, he deemed dying to career as integral to his ongoing Christian conversion and vocation. Radical Christian and Exemplary Lawyer: Honoring William Stringfellow , Edited by Andrew W. McThenia, Jr. (1995, 2007). Still, Stringfellow’s toil as a lawyer – from advocating for addicted, dispossessed, and oppressed clients in East Harlem to representing the first women ordained “irregularly” to the presbyterate in the Episcopal Church --offered fertile grist for forming his distinctive theological and ethical vision. Stringfellow’s relationship with th