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Helmut Gollwitzer on Karl Barth and Socialism: An Excerpt

This is an excerpt from an essay by Helmut Gollwitzer about Karl Barth and socialism. It is available in both podcast and video formats. Excerpt source: Helmut Gollwitzer, "Kingdom of God and Socialism in the Theology of Karl Barth," in George Hunsinger (ed., trans.), Karl Barth and Radical Politics , 2nd ed. (Eugene, OR: Cascade Books, 2017), 83-85. Image source and attribution: Stiftung Haus der Geschichte [CC BY-SA 2.0 (] . ================================== Follow @WTravisMcMaken Subscribe to Die Evangelischen Theologen

Brutal Truths: Rowan Williams on Why Reading Stringfellow is Hard

Photographersnature [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons [Public domain] For a few years now, I've been pondering and puzzling over the writings of William Stringfellow, the enigmatic Episcopal lawyer and lay theologian who spoke truth to power from the time of the early Civil Rights movement to the moral and cultural wasteland that was "the Reagan years." I've managed (so far) to eke out short articles and book reviews. Through the indulgence of DET's illustrious editor and of our gentle readers, a few of my Stringfellow-inflected posts have even slipped onto this website . I confess that this project has been, and continues to be, a struggle, though it isn't self-evident why this is so. After all, the major corpus is manageable: Stringfellow wrote or co-wrote 15 books, none of which -- except for an astonishing, absolutely unclassifiable "biography" of Bishop James Pike -- is particularly lon

"Reformers in the Wings" - Book Review (Video / Audio)

In this new content, I review David Steinmetz's book, Reformers in the Wings , and talk a bit about Reformation history and some of its lesser known figures. This material is available in your choice of video or podcast format. ================================== Follow @WTravisMcMaken Subscribe to Die Evangelischen Theologen