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Building the Revolution One Sandbox at a Time - a guest book review by Lauren R. E. Larkin

[Rev. Lauren R. E. Larkin is a  friend of the blog ,  pastor ,  podcaster , and  author . In fact, she just published a podcast in which she interviews Ludia Wylie-Kellermann about this book. Click here—you won’t want to miss it .]   Lydia Wylie-Kellermann Ed. The Sandbox Revolution: Raising Kids for a Just World Minneapolis, MN: Broadleaf Books, 2021.   As one who is raising three children (14, 12, and 7), I’ve read the bulk of parenting books ranging across various parenting theories. So, when I tell you this wonderful collection of essays edited by Lydia Wylie-Kellerman is not your average parenting book, please believe me. I’ve seen it all; I’ve yet to see something like this. Wylie-Kellermann pulled together a team of authors representing vast and varying experiences in the world and asked them to: “Tell me some stories. Speak vulnerably. Help remind us of the wide community of which we are all a part,” (xvi). It’s this simple request that plunges the project into the ferti