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Undergraduate Papers Now Online

Greetings, It is my pleasure to announce that I have now gathered together and posted online 5 papers from my undergraduate days at Wheaton College (Ill). These are papers that I still find interesting for one reason or another and I hope that some of you might find them interesting as well. To find them, you need simply look to the right frame and find the heading entitled “My Papers,” which, although it looks like a heading, is actually a link. Here are the titles of my papers. Perhaps some of them will prick your curiosity. An Evangelical Doctrine of the Eucharist: Sacrament, Gospel and Witness Melkizedek Through the Testaments Paul and Apocalyptic: A Look at 1 Corinthians 15 and Romans 5 Final Essays from My Class on Karl Barth's Doctrine of Election Reading Scripture: A Typology of Denominational Positions on the Question of Women in Ordained Ministry

An Essential Phrase

I came across the following sentance in my German exercises today and thought that it was just too good to keep to myself. It is my goal to use this sentance in a book review someday: Das Gute an dem Buch ist nicht neu, und das Neue ist nicht gut.

What Am I Reading? Peter Martyr Vermigli

Peter Martyr Vermigli, “Treatise on the Sacrament of the Eucharist,” pp. 1-125 in The Peter Martyr Library , vol. 7 (Translated and Edited by Joseph C. McLelland; Kirksville, Missouri: Truman State University Press, 2000). If you are interested in biographical information on Vermigli, here is a decent place to start. So far I have only scratched the surface of this treatise and this is my first foray into the world of this author, so I do not have very much to say about it yet. However, I am intimately acquainted with the broader eucharistic conflict of the Reformation and with the positions of Luther and Calvin on the matter, so I am not without perspective. Here are just a few points that I have noted so far: (1) Calvin has been alluded to favorably while, as best as I can tell, Luther has been alluded too with less favor. (2) Vermigli is adamant that the Holy Spirit does something during the Lord’s Supper, and he speaks of this most often as a form of ‘union’ or ‘joinin

Frequently Asked Questions, or, in place of an introduction…

(1) Who are you? My name is W. Travis McMaken and I am entering my third and final year as an MDiv student at Princeton Theological Seminary. Incidentally, I took my BA in 2004 from Wheaton College (Ill) in Biblical and Theological Studies (with a concentration in Theology). I am married and my wife, Jess, recently accepted a job teaching kindergarten in the Upper Freehold Regional school district. If you need to know more about me because you want to award me an honorary degree, offer me a job, or for any other good reason, feel free to e-mail. (2) What will I find here? Only God knows. There will be no ranting. There will be no posts (at least I hope there will be no posts) laced with a prophetic posturing or displaying a savior complex. There will likely be little discussion of politics (my grandmother always taught me not to discuss religion and politics in polite company, and since I’m discarding the bit about not discussing religion, I’m going to try to stick to not disc