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DET Enters its Teen Years

As of July 27, 2019, DET is officially a teenager. Many things are different since I published the first post , way back in 2006—that's 13 years ago, for those who are (like me) bad at maths (as the Brits might say). But a lot of things are the same as well. I don’t think I’ve quite lived up to some of the promises in that first post, but – you live, you (hopefully) learn. The blog has slowed down. I was a MDiv student when it started, and needed a place to interact with people an ideas. These days, however, I’m at a very different place in my professional life, with increasing administrative burdens directing most of my time and energy. As a result, I’ve writing about theology less and talking about it more. Some of you may be thankful (although, I’m sure some of you would rather not be afflicted) that I have started posting on YouTube and The McKrakenCast podcast . But if you prefer to just keep an eye on the blog, I’m posting all that material here too. There are still so

Karl Barth's "Göttingen Dogmatics" - Introduction

Travel with me back to the early 1920s and Karl Barth's first attempt at writing a dogmatics. Launched while teaching at the University of Göttingen, this was the genesis of the material that would become Church Dogmatics approximately a decade later. What we call the Göttingen Dogmatics in English is especially interesting to me because it is much closer to Barth's work as pastor-cum-socialist organizer. Karl Barth, The Göttingen Dogmatics: Instruction in the Christian Religion This is the first of a multi-part series, and it is the first series that I have produced primarily for the podcast medium. It is also available on YouTube. Make sure to subscribe via your preferred site. ================================== Follow @WTravisMcMaken Subscribe to Die Evangelischen Theologen

McKrakenCast (Podcast) Update

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, gentle readers, I’ve been publishing a podcast for the last few months called The McKrakenCast . I posted about it back when I started it , and I also explained the name. Also included in that previous post was a list of all the content that I had migrated over from my YouTube channel to the podcast. I wanted to update that with this post since I have finally finished migrating everything that I previously had on YouTube that I wanted to migrate. You can find that list of content below. Moving forward, I will be cross-posting between the podcast and YouTube as much as possible. That said, there will likely still be some bits of content that are unique to one or the other platforms. So make sure you subscribe to both! ================================== Follow @WTravisMcMaken Subscribe to Die Evangelischen Theologen