Undergraduate Papers Now Online


It is my pleasure to announce that I have now gathered together and posted online 5 papers from my undergraduate days at Wheaton College (Ill). These are papers that I still find interesting for one reason or another and I hope that some of you might find them interesting as well. To find them, you need simply look to the right frame and find the heading entitled “My Papers,” which, although it looks like a heading, is actually a link. Here are the titles of my papers. Perhaps some of them will prick your curiosity.

An Evangelical Doctrine of the Eucharist: Sacrament, Gospel and Witness

Melkizedek Through the Testaments

Paul and Apocalyptic: A Look at 1 Corinthians 15 and Romans 5

Final Essays from My Class on Karl Barth's Doctrine of Election

Reading Scripture: A Typology of Denominational Positions on the Question of Women in Ordained Ministry


JM O'Clair said…
WTM, I appreciate the availability of your papers. I hope to do the same, eventually, but through WordPress.

I'm curious if you have contemplated implementing any additional thoughts on your Melchizedek paper with the available literature from the Dead Sea Scrolls (Melchizedek fragment, 11Q13). It would be interesting to read your thoughts about it!

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