Spreading the Word: Boyd and Warren

I found out about this thought-provoking segment over at GOTT. It is very interesting indeed, and I recommend it highly. These two men, Rich Warren and Greg Boyd, seem to me to represent two different streams of neo-evangelicalism, and seeing them handle themselves on camera and speak somewhat ad hoc is an enlightening exercise. Check it out.

Rich Warren and Greg Boyd on Charlie Rose

A Few Comments

Warren - It is a shame that, while Warren has developed a humanitarian concern, he has yet to leave behind a "Jesus as my meal ticket to heaven" mentality. I enjoyed when Charlie kept sticking it to Warren and trying to get Warren to say that only Christians will go to heaven. I saw Larry King do something similar to Joel Osteen. In all fairness, I probably shouldn't enjoy watching these evangelical figureheads squirm as much as I do, but it is one of my vices. Also, Warren's discussion of a "New Reformation" and the view of doctrine that he reveals here is also interesting. Warren's penchant for throwing around buzzwords is also illuminating.

Boyd - I found Boyd to be far more interesting than Warren, if only because he seems to be more interested in making situations more complex, whereas Warren seems to like to simplify them. But, Charlie did a good job pushing Boyd. He pushes Boyd on issues and ask whether Christian beliefs should form Christian's opinions on issues, etc, and tries to imply how that is an inherently political thing. Boyd seems to be primarily interested in taking the "Christian" card away from politicisns, in that he wants to help Christians see how their beliefs are being preyed upon by politicians. Boyd is also clearly not from the tradition of the Magisterial reformers.


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