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Two very interesting reviews went up over the past days - one on Stephen R. Lawhead's new fictionalized Robin Hood (read it here), and another on one of Jules Verne's less well know books entitled, The Begum's Millions (read it here). Both are quite interesting. It's a shame that Lawhead get's ripped aprt - I very much enjoy his work. But, historical accuracy is a kind of important in historical fiction.

Species of doctoral students

Ben Myers over at 'Faith and Theology' has posted a fun little list (that he got from somewhere) discussing different kinds of doctoral students. Its pretty funny. I am as yet undecided as to which species I would most like to find myself categorized.

Funny Lists

Alex Thompson over at Sci-Fi Theology has a couple of really funny lists posted at the moment. The first is entitled "Fun With Your Roomnate" and the second is called "A Few Helps for Passing Exams".


Alex Thompson said…
thanks for the links. love your blog!

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