2007 Warfield Lectures: Lecture 1 - "In the Image of the Invisible"

David Congdon has posted his notes and comments on the first Warfield lecture by Dr. Tanner. Be sure to head over there and check it out – he has done a good job with this first one. Hopefully we can live up to his high standard.

Anyway, I have included a few pictures I took at the first lecture below. I’m sorry for the poor quality, but I was trying not to use the flash and it was a very dimly lit room. The Seminary will undoubtedly post some very high quality photos on their website in the coming weeks, so watch for those. Here are comments on the photos in order of appearance.
  • The podium to be occupied by Dr. Tanner over the course of the week, with Dr. Warfield’s portrait above.
  • An excited student preparing for the lecture.
  • President Iain Torrance introducing Dr. Tanner.
  • David and his wife Amy, both hard at work.
  • An attentive student.
  • Dr. Tanner, lecturing.


Halden said…
Hah! Amy is wearing a sweatshirt bought at my bookstore!
Indeed, Halden, you are right! Good eye! Amy had a good laugh about your comment. We miss your bookstore.

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