Thinking Blogger Award

David Congdon recently declared me a Thinking Blogger. It is an award given by peers in order to recognize the quality of one’s blogging efforts. It was started here back in February of 2007. As much as I appreciate this award, and I truly do, it puts me in a bit of a tough spot. You see, a recipient of this award is obliged to pass the award along to 5 bloggers of similar distinction. The trouble is that almost all of those whom I would like to recognize with this award have already received it. So, I am going to do something a little different by granting one award and then by granting a challenge.

And the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ goes to…

Matthew Milliner! Someone, and I can’t really comprehend this, Matt has yet to be granted this award. (At least, that is what he told me when I asked him.) Anyone who has visited his site will readily grant that he deserves it, and I would argue that he deserves it much more than I did. Matt and I spent some time together here at PTS. He is currently a PhD student at Princeton University, and we are both proud graduates of Wheaton College (IL). It is with great pleasure that I bestow this upon him.


There are three bloggers out there that I think have the potential of meriting this award, but who have not as of yet demonstrated the consistency, commitment and involvement required to earn it. (This is presuming, of course, that I know what the requirements are and have met them…a dubious presumption at best!)

Darren Sumner is a new classmate of mine, and another Wheaton College (IL) graduate. As the title of his blog would suggest, Darren is interested in historical theology, and many of his posts have to do with illuminating certain historical figures, phrases, etc.

Michael Pailthorpe is currently a post-graduate student in Philosophy residing in Sydney Australia. He and I have gotten to know each other a bit through our respective blogs and the occasional e-mail exchange. Michael has not been posting much of late due to the recent birth of his daughter Meg, but he is in the habit of posting quotes from respected theologians with some comments of his own. He has also posted some of his sermons, which are fun to read (at least for me!).

Jon Mackenzie is another theo-blogger that I have recently taken notice of. In recent weeks he has posted some interesting things about Barth and other theological figures at his blog entitled ‘Bazaar of Herecleides.’ This blog, devoted to “theological discourse,” is a new endeavor for Jon, who has another blog that has been around since before I went live here at DET.

This is the challenge: Darren must maintain his current pace and depth; Michael must return to his pre-Meg pace and depth; Jon must continue to impress me with his theological posts at 'Bazaar of Heracleides.' If any of these bloggers meet this challenge by September 1, 2007, I will bestow the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ upon them (if no one beats me to it!). So, have at it gentlemen!


Are you sighing because you are afriad to take up the challenge?

I'm glad you find my sermons fun to read!
OK WTM, I'm taking up the challenge. I want that Thinking Blogger award. ahhhhhhhhhhh!
Darren said…
Ahhh, you b@$#@&*. Alright, if I can be convinced that I am blogging for anyone other than Travis and myself, I shall take up your challenge and blog the #*!! out of this summer

... relatively speaking, having a wife and 18-month-old son and German and some crazy reading group. And boy, it sure is nice outside today!

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