Gaelic Storm

My wife and I spent Saturday evening here in a nice little open-air venue listening to the Celtic song styling of Gaelic Storm. Now, lest you think that you have never heard of this rowdy little band before, let me just say that you are mistaken, for they can be heard in the biggest motion picture of my generation, Titanic.

They were a nice little Irish band. Their usual fiddler was off having a baby, but the substitute did well. The lead singer and the piper had a great back and forth. Gaelic Storm’s vocals aren’t as strong as I would like, but what they lack in singing they make up for in lyric writing. They have come up with a number of fun, entertaining and quintessentially Irish tunes, such as ‘Born to Be a Bachelor,’ ‘Kiss Me, I’m Irish,’ and ‘Kelly’s Wellies’. We had a great time.

I should probably mention that the lack of vocal power about which I complained could very well be due to the fact that, as the band pointed out, they were forced to perform with the aid only of bottled water, and without their usual nectar, Guinness. Some well meaning fans arrived with glasses of some kind of alcoholic beverage for the band, which they gratefully accepted, but – if color or any indication (and it is) – Guinness it was not!

Note: The picture is from the band’s website where, for a limited time, you can download the mp3 of one of their songs for free.


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