Things You Ought to Read

Even though we are easing into August – that dreaded month when the mercury never seems to stop climbing and when we are forced to reckon with the approaching academic year – your dedicated theo-bloggers far and wide have been working to bring you quality, stimulating reading material. Here are a few things that you don’t want to miss:

On Journeying with Those in Exile

Dan has two nice posts up at the moment. First, there is his very recent post entitled “Baudrillard and Christian Universalism: Freedom, Choice, Liberation, Martyrdom” where, making use of Jean Baudrillard and making reference to a conversation going on over at David’s (Fire and Rose) in his Paul among the Evangelicals: The Problem of Universalism in Rom. 5:12-21 series (this series of David’s is one that you definitely don’t want to miss), Dan thinks through the question of whether human freedom should be understood in terms of choice or obedience, and what sort of difference it makes.

Also, Dan has posted a nice review of Joseph Ratzinger’s / Pope Benedict 16th’s book Jesus of Nazareth, with specific reference to questions concerning the ‘historical’ Jesus.

Seeing the Form

Andy, who participated in the 2007 Karl Barth Blog Conference, has a series going dedicated to Jamie K.A. Smith’s volume Introducing Radical Orthodoxy. So far there are two posts in this series, and Andy promises more. Check them out - first / second - and stay tuned for further installments.


Chris Tilling, the theo-blogger that every conservative theo-blogger loves to hate thanks to his posts on inerrancy, is currently engaged with bringing us a very fine extended review of Gordon Fee’s brand new book entitled Pauline Christology. The index to this review series may be found here.

Trinity Anyone?

Discussion of the doctrine of the Trinity continues both here at DET and over at Inhabitatio Dei.


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