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Dear Readers,

I deeply regret that I was unable to bring you your usual installment of ‘Reading Scripture with John Calvin’ yesterday morning, and that my posting frequency has so rapidly declined. However, I now find myself to be in a very interesting transitional period.

Last weekend was spent fulfilling all righteousness with reference to my Summer French course, which concluded (for me) on Tuesday morning. Wednesday morning was spent playing golf, something that I have not been able to do since early June. Wednesday afternoon was spent helping my neighbor move into a new apartment down the hall. This morning is / will be spent gathering some research materials so that I can move toward writing a paper proposal; this afternoon will be spent picking some friends up at the airport. Friday will be spent helping various friends move. Are you beginning to see a trend? :-)

My wife and I will be attending a Wedding this coming weekend which will occupy me until Tuesday. I have various meetings next week, and then the race begins to see how much Robert Jenson, John Calvin, and Paul Tillich I can read (not to mention writing that paper proposal, prepping a paper for submission to a journal, and other sundry tasks) before orientation for my doctoral program begins on September 14th. Add to that my constant desire to stock up on interesting blog fodder, like more installments of ‘Reading Scripture with John Calvin’ – also, look for a mini-series on Wolfhart Pannenberg in the coming month – and I’m swamped.

All of that is to say, my posting will likely be irregular for a couple of weeks. But, of course, I’ll do the best I can.

In the meantime, keep watching my recent post entitled Did the Eternal Son Assume a Fallen Human Nature? Some Reflections. Comments continue to flow in, I am doing my best to respond to them, and I would love to have more people involved. Special thanks to Michael Pailthorpe for spreading the word about this fun discussion.

Also, if you need something to read, check out David Congdon’s current series: on Paul Among the Evangelicals and on Problems in Ecclesiology Today, or head on over to look at John Drury’s review of The Resurrection in Karl Barth, By Robert Dale Dawson.


Lance said…
And thanks for your help, by the way.

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