Blog Triumvirate Gathers in Princeton

Pictured above, from right to left: the infamous Shane Wilkins, the revered David Congdon, your humble servant, and James – a recent graduate of our alma mater and new colleague (with his wife, not pictures – or, better, taking the picture!) here at Princeton Theological Seminary in the MDiv program. For those of you who want some kind of scale, I’m 6’1’’ and about 200 pounds. (I probably feel compelled to say that because I feel very small next to James…) Present earlier in the day but gone by picture-time: Chris and Peter.

James is not yet a blogger, but hopefully we'll be able to change that.


Shane said…
I was exhaling in this picture, not my best.

i didn't mean the wiseguy pose.
Travis, you think you look small next to James??
Yeah, but you aren't 6'1'' and used to generally being among the taller people in a room...
Anonymous said…

I've got you by 2 inches . . . good pics, although I'm not sure about that scholasticus guy, he kind've seems like a wise-guy ;).
Ah, nice to put a face to your name, wtm.
My pleasure, Tim. I only wish that I could have put a better face to my name!

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