Thinking Blogger Award Challenge – Results

A while back, upon being awarded the Thinking Blogger Award, I challenged three other theo-bloggers to make the commitment and earn the award for themselves. A fourth was later challenged. These bloggers (Michael Pailthorpe, Jon Mackenzie, Alex Abecina, and Darren Sumner) have impressed me in the past, and I hoped that this challenge would encourage them to shift their blogs into the next gear by increasing their output and participation in the blogosphere.

I am pleased to endow two of these bloggers with the award. Congratulations, Michael and Alex! Michael has really upped his game over this summer, despite the recent birth of his daughter and other ministerial business. His series, “Barth: A Person of the Book”, which is actually an interaction with Vanhoozer, is well worth your time. Alex has likewise stepped up to the plate. He has posted a number of illuminating series this summer that you should check out. One tip, Alex: put up some index posts for your series to make it easier for people like me to link to them! :-)

Unfortunately, Darren and Jon have not arisen to the challenge. This means, of course, that they actually have lives! Kudos for not letting blogging dominate your existence, much less the silly little challenge that I put before you. I do not doubt that, despite my reticence, the ‘Thinking Blogger Award’ will find its way to you both in due course. Keep up the good work!


Thanks Wade for your challenge and encouragement. I proudly display the award and sometimes get a little teary eyed whilst polishing that section of my monitor.
Alex Abecina said…
Hey wtm,

We may have upped the game over your summer, but it is our winter down here. Summer is just around the corner for us, and who knows, when the weather warms up we just might find a life yet?!

Thanks for the kudos! Oh, and you'll have to tell me more about index posts...

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