Mark Husbands and Hope College

Mark Husbands was my adviser during my time at Wheaton College. He was, at that time, in the midst of completing his dissertation under John Webster on Barth’s ethics of prayer. (I’ve read the MSS, and you will definitely want to pick up a copy when Columbia finally gets around to publishing it.)

Mark is one of those rare teachers of theology who has the inexplicable gift of passing on to his students the joy of studying theology. So, when I heard a number of months ago that he would be leaving Wheaton College this past summer to take up a post at Hope College, I was torn between excitement for Mark and sadness for Wheaton College.

In any case, Hope has published a press release detailing Mark’s new position, giving a quick introduction to his theological work, etc. I recommend that you check it out (all you Wheaties especially) and keep your eye on Mark's scholarship as it continues to blossom.


James said…
This was a bittersweet move. But in the midst of our sadness we need to ask who will carry on the tradition of wearing bow ties at Wheaton. At present Dan Master seems to be the last representative in BTAWR.
Shane said…
Bow Tie = overrated.

I just never saw the appeal.
Mark wore the bow tie out of respect and in memory of his late professor George Schner.

Baring a similar reason for wearing them, however, I side with Shane - with the exception of wearing them to potluck dinners, where they are quite practical. :-)
Darren said…

I was only a lowly part-time, commuter, grad student at Wheaton ... and as a result I feel I have a much greater fondness for and commitment to my professors than to the institution in particular. Sad as it is for Wheaton, who needs strong, no-nonsense instructors like Mark, it's a great move for him. The endowed chair makes it all the nicer.
Shane said…
I'm not rejecting the bowtie as such, merely pointing out that it can be fetishized.

I think they fit dr. husbands.
They certainly do suit him.

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