A Call for Collaboration

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

It has been a hectic couple of weeks here at DET central. Between holiday traveling and trying to finish up a paper before Christmas break, and my newfound addiction to Tom Clancy novels (I prefer John Clark to Jack Ryan, however), I have been swamped. The good news is that everything is on track for the end of this semester – my first as a PhD student – in mid-January.

But enough update. On to the point.

For whatever reason – perhaps the effects of Christmas cheer – I have been thinking about theo-blogging collaboration. I can honestly say that the #1 reason for DET’s existence is collaboration. The solo stuff I do most of the year is simply a prelude to, and a way of building traffic and engagement for, collaborative projects. Along this line, I’m excited to say that there will be a 2008 Barth Blog Conference, so stay tuned for more information. (Check out the 2007 Barth Blog Conference.)

The success, and I hope that it will soon be continued success, of last year's Barth blog conference was very encouraging to me. However, such grand collaborative undertakings take a lot of time to plan and are, unfortunately, somewhat short-lived.

While my collaborative projects index has a number of standalone guest posts, I would very much like to increase their number. My hope is that breadth and depth of theological engagement might grow here at DET through the increase of voices and viewpoints, but I cannot do this alone. I need impetuous and thoughtful contributors.

So, if you are a theo-blog reader but don’t have your own site, or if you have your own site and you simply want to broaden your engagement, please contact me (derevth at gmail dot com).

This is an open call for collaboration. I hope that some of you will take it up.


Anonymous said…
Count me in tentatively. I am actually taking a Barth class this semester and if I can situate my school work to line up with with this blogging collaboration, I'll do it. I've got too much work to do already to pile on more that doesn't count for graduation.

Anonymous said…
What does one do at a Barth blog contest? Do you have like a Church Dogmatics stacking contest?

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