Von Balthasar Blog Conference Continues...

...with my own contribution. It is a mere response, but I'm sure that all of you - my dedicated readers - will want to check it out. And, while you are over there, be sure to catch up on the rest of the conference. It has been quite good. Thanks, again, to David for putting it all together.


Luke said…
I like what you say here. Hermeneutical circle, obsolete image of resuscitated Christ, the preeminence of the future… It sounds very bultmmanian. What is your opinion about the “old marburger”?

It is interesting that you point out these similarities. I have never studied Bultmann.
Luke said…
If you do, you will enjoy it.

They say Bultmann represents the textual exegesis, and Barth the dogmatic theology. These two territories are sharply isolated and many times even in flagrant contradictions or discrepancies. Jüngel tries to go beyond their mutual discrepancies to the soil where they once borne. Above all, all kind of Christian theology has a single origin: the kerygma, Jesus, God’s word, God’s action… In the end, in my opinion, all these expressions are synonymous. That is why I like Jüngel.

I think Bultmann may be of your taste.
I'll have to poke around in him this summer. I have "Faith and Understanding" waiting for me on my shelf.
Luke said…
Jesus and The Theology of the New Testament are a more appropriated approach.

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