Atypical Levity: Go Wings!

It took longer and was harder fought than I expected. And, like many others, I was sure that the series was over with 35 seconds left to play on Monday. What happened at 34.7 seconds changed that, of course. Still, game 5 was about the most exciting hockey game I've ever seen. The end of game 6 was no picnic either, and was far too close to a repeat of game 5 for comfort - the play for overtime came from the same side of Ossie and again got by his stick, but slid clear. But, none of that matters much now that the eleventh Wings squad is being etched into the Cup...

For those of you who weren't blessed to live in the greater Detroit area during the 2002 cup series (and the Wings' win, of course), you may have missed this gem - "Without Stanley."


Dave Belcher said…
As it stands, I think my own Nashville Predators ended up playing the Wings better than any other team in the Cup...Pittsburgh had some great teams, and I was depserately hoping for a game 7 (more hockey is always a good thing), but alas...props must be given to what I consider to be perhaps the greates Red Wings team in many years (maybe ever) -- which of course means that this Red Wings team needs to be looked at as one of the greatest teams in hockey history...I know that might seem a bit much (especially for a Preds fan!), but they're freakin' good!

I think you would be right about the Preds vs. the Pens IF one doesn't factor in goalies. Fleury, as much as he frustrated we Wings fans with those 55 or so saves on Monday, is simply excellent. That said, your Ellis is no slouch either.

As for wishes for a 7th game, I don't think my nerves could have handled it after Monday and after the last 5 minutes of game 6 which very nearly sent things into overtime again.
Dave Belcher said…
Yes, but remember that Ellis had, what was it?...54 saves against the Wings in game 5 of that series, and that was without any overtimes! As a backup, young goalie, Ellis proved that he can play with the best of them -- he was outstanding for my money.

That said, the Pens would have been demolished without Fleury; he was indeed quite excllent.

In my first comment by the way, it should read "Pittsburgh had some great lines" (or concomitantly, "players")
I had forgotten that Ellis had that many saves that game. He is certainly a great young goalie. Still, that the Wings consistently put so many shots on goal is a testament to the level of their play.

The Pens did have a couple good lines, but they weren't as deep as the Wings and the star Pens players were just so young (although this will have matured them quite a bit - watch out next year!). I keep thinking of how Crosby is treated as a young phenom - Zetterberg is only 5 or so years older, and proved to be the better player as testified by the fact that Therrien was doing everything he could to keep Crosby away from Zetterberg.

In any case, it was a great Cup series. Here's to another Wings cup next year!

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