Primer on the "Church Dogmatics"

David Guretzki of Briercrest College and Seminary, and who supplied an after-dinner talk at the 2007 Barth Conference here in Princeton, has written (and made available on his blog) something of an introduction to Barth's Church Dogmatics for those who are approaching it for the first time. Having glanced over it, I recommend it to anyone who wants to get started with Barth as it highlights and culls from the secondary sources some important aspects of Barth's thought and what he is up to in the CD.

You can download the .pdf at David's blog. I have also updated my own So, You Want To Read Karl Barth? post with a link to this resource.


Mark Stevens said…
Thanks Travis. I found David's article extremely encouraging and informative. Thanks for providing the link.

Can you tell me if there is any information out yet regarding next years Barth Conference at Princeton? I have no hope of attending but would like to find out what the subject will be, who is speaking and basically, what I will miss out on!

Hi Mark,

The topics of next year's Barth Conference at PTS will be "Barth, Religion, and the Religions." The speakers have not yet been set.
Bobby Grow said…

thank you for the link, very helpful! I have linked both you and David's site for my readers, thanks again!

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