So, since I'm way too busy trying to finish my semester and get ready for exams to post about theology, I thought that I might as well post briefly about hockey: about the Detroit Red Wings, to be exact. The Wings just completed a sweep of the Columbus Blue Jackets to be the first defending Stanley Cup champions to make it out of the first round of the playoffs in a number of years. That they did so with a sweep bodes well. Of course, this was Columbus' first time ever in the playoffs (the team is only 8 years old), and therefore could not match the Red Wings' considerable playoff experience. They did put up a good fight tonight, with the Wings winning 6-5 with a goal from Franzen during a Wings power play in the last 1.5 minute of the game due to Columbus having too many men on the ice.

In any case, now that the first round is over I can have some peace to get my work done until round 2 beings.

The photo is of Wings captain Nick Lindstrom (the first European captain in the NHL to win the Stanley Cup) in tonight's game. It is a shame that he will likely be passed over for the Norris this year...


Anonymous said…
Glad that you can focus now Travis . . . If only my pens could take out Philly, that would be great.
I'm actually hoping that Philly comes back to win that series. After last year, I'm in no hurry to have the Wings facing the Pens for the Cup again. Of course, this time we would have Hossa...
Anonymous said…
Yeah, and from what i understand Fleury isn't minding the net at near the level he was last year. Hopefully the Pens don't have to face the RW . . . i doubt that Sid & Malk would be enough.
The only way the Pens won't have to face the Wings is if they get knocked out early. I just can't foresee the Wings not making it to the finals. There isn't a team in the Western conference (really, in the whole league) that they haven't been able to dominate this year (even if they dropped one or two games to them, especially down the stretch). For my money, the Cup is the Wings' to lose this year, and I don't think Hossa is going to let them do that. ;-)

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